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Supporting the IPO
Supporting the IPO

Guiding management through the IPO process to ensure message authenticity, comprehensive IR infrastructure and a successful IPO ceremony

The Situation

A private biopharmaceutical wound-care company engaged LHA approximately one month before pricing its IPO. It had no investor relations infrastructure, collateral materials or strategic plan. Furthermore, the overseas company and management were relatively unknown in the U.S. markets, while its first product had recently launched in Europe.

LHA’s Solution

LHA established a pre-IPO investor relations program consisting of strategic counsel, collateral material development and project management.

  • Reviewed and revised roadshow presentation.
  • Participated in the underwriter’s teach-in.
  • Developed the investor relations section of the corporate website.
  • Worked with the underwriters and NASDAQ reps on listing ceremony.

LHA’s Results

The IPO process was successful as the company conducted a memorable First Trade ceremony at the NASDAQ Market Site with video and photos of the event posted to the IR section of the company’s website. The comprehensive investor relations website was taken “live” on the first day of trading, and LHA established a CEO interview with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” following the first trade. LHA is currently working with the company to implement a comprehensive IR plan now that it is a publicly traded company.

LHA Investor Relations is a leading strategic IR consulting agency. We partner with public and private companies to craft and implement effective, custom-designed IR programs that incorporate industry best practices. We are a leader in investor relations for small-cap companies for over 40 years. We go beyond in implementing IR programs that build trust and transparency between our clients and Wall Street. We support capital market objectives by increasing awareness, managing expectations and enhancing reputations.

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