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Strategic Counsel
Strategic Counsel

Leveraging strategic investor relations to engage institutional investors and analysts

We develop strategic IR programs to enable the most effective dialogue between our client companies and Wall Street. We take pride in our ability to evolve programs as a client builds its business or adapts to industry change. We also fully recognize the inextricable link between IR strategy and company execution as being the foundation for achieving shareholder value reflective of intrinsic value.

Customized IR Programming

At LHA, we analyze the unique business characteristics and capital markets objectives of each client company to develop individualized IR strategies that position clients to their best advantage in the capital markets.

Peer Analysis

We garner intelligence about a company’s publicly traded peer group as a benchmark for setting disclosure policies and creating messages, metrics and deliverables that positively influence shareholders and the most appropriate buyers of each client’s stock. As a result, we effectively differentiate our clients from actual and would-be investment alternatives.

Disclosure Policies

LHA works with clients to develop a disclosure infrastructure that governs the distribution of information in compliance with Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg. FD) and establishes rules for interacting with analysts and investors. We guide clients in setting policies as to what information to share with external audiences regarding a company’s performance and outlook for future results, being mindful of the peer group’s communications practices, sensitivities of confidential information and regulatory guidelines.

IR Issues Management

Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of client businesses and industries affords us the unique perspective to provide counsel on a myriad of investor relations decisions regarding responding, or not, to highly critical media stories and blogs, the pacing of marketing activities, the timing of discretionary news, and more.

LHA Investor Relations is a leading strategic IR consulting agency. We partner with public and private companies to craft and implement effective, custom-designed IR programs that incorporate industry best practices. We are a leader in investor relations for small-cap companies for over 40 years. We go beyond in implementing IR programs that build trust and transparency between our clients and Wall Street. We support capital market objectives by increasing awareness, managing expectations and enhancing reputations.

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