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Shareholder Activism Support
Shareholder Activism Support

Strategizing effective response to shareholder activism

With more institutions adopting activist investment strategies and more activists launching campaigns targeting a wider set of issues and companies, boards and C-suite executives must consider the possibility that their company may come under attack by their owners.

Components of our Activism Advisory Program include:

  • Activist’s background – a detailed history about the activist and their previous engagements.
  • Activist’s playbook – an overview of activist’s past strategies, track record, tactics and tendencies. Focus is on areas the activist is likely to target, including balance sheet activism, corporate governance, turn-around, divestment, or sale of the business.
  • Proxy Advisory Firms Analysis – based on the proposals put forth by the activist, we provide insight on how proxy advisors are likely to vote.
  • Communication Strategy – formulate an effective response to activist’s arguments. including reviewing press releases, letters to shareholders, and SEC filings – including proxy statements.
  • Defense Strategy – advise on various tools and winning tactics that can be used to counter an activist investor.

LHA Investor Relations is a leading strategic IR consulting agency. We partner with public and private companies to craft and implement effective, custom-designed IR programs that incorporate industry best practices. We are a leader in investor relations for small-cap companies for over 30 years. In implementing IR programs that build trust and transparency between our clients and Wall Street, we support capital market objectives by increasing awareness, managing expectations and enhancing reputations.

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