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Broadening Investor Awareness through Outreach
Broadening Investor Awareness through Outreach

Creating investment community awareness after transformative transaction

The Situation

LHA had worked with a traditional telecom company throughout the years, first on a retainer basis during a financial restructuring period and then, after a management change, on strategic projects.  When management decided to focus the business on its high-margin, high-revenue growth segment and sell its low margin, declining revenue business, the team turned to LHA again to strategize the key investor communication and reengage Wall Street.

LHA’s Solution


  • Brainstormed key messages for all constituents: Shareholders, prospective investors and sell-side analysts, community members, consumers and employees.
  • Updated pre-transaction investor and sales fact sheet that would hold true, pre- and post-transaction. Drafted, or assisted with drafting depending on document and preference, press release, conference call script, presentation and potential Q&A. Advised on timing of announcements.
  • Targeted constituents to invite to conference call following transaction announcement.


  • Surveyed call participants to determine key message proliferation and updated collateral material presentation to present the new investment rationale.
  • Completed a detailed targeting process to identify appropriate sell-side analysts and buy-side investors.
  • Scheduled non-deal roadshow days arranged by LHA. Delivered itineraries and profiles of investors to prepare management for meetings. Managed logistics for conferences.
  • Secured feedback to determine how investors were evaluating management and the story and delivered recommendations for investor relations program improvement and next steps.

LHA’s Results

Management set clear expectations for the Street, highlighting the company’s post-divestment potential. To support the newly defined business, as part of its long-term engagement with the client, LHA produced a four-day, four-city non-deal roadshow. The right targets were found. New non-reporting shareholders stated they initiated positions during and immediately following the roadshow. Over the next several months, the share price recovered to and well beyond the level initially achieved at the divestiture announcement – and began trading at a valuation more closely aligned with its peers. Management thought it was a great success and is conducting non-deal roadshows regularly.

LHA Investor Relations is a leading strategic IR consulting agency. We partner with public and private companies to craft and implement effective, custom-designed IR programs that incorporate industry best practices. We are a leader in investor relations for small-cap companies for over 40 years. We go beyond in implementing IR programs that build trust and transparency between our clients and Wall Street. We support capital market objectives by increasing awareness, managing expectations and enhancing reputations.

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