Investor Targeting and Intelligence

Cultivating relationships with institutional investors, hedge funds, family offices and retail stockbrokers to catalyze action

  • Shareholder Analysis

    At LHA, we understand a stock's trading characteristics and price are strongly influenced by who holds the shares. We start each client relationship with an in-depth ownership analysis of the company and its industry peer group, including historical trends. We do this so we can properly classify Wall Street’s perception of a client's stock and construct effective outreach programs. On a quarterly basis, we update this analysis and examine changes in the shareholder composition to assess the alignment between a client's messaging and its desired shareholder base and recommend next steps.

  • Sell-side Analyst and Investor Targeting

    LHA's targeting efforts are grounded in three decades of market intelligence experience in matching clients with the most appropriate buy-side analysts and portfolio managers, sell-side analysts, family investment offices and retail stockbrokers in the United States, Canada and selectively overseas. Based on crucial factors such as size, sector, track record, investment style and peer holdings, we target the audiences most likely to be interested in a given client company.

  • Investor Perception Audits

    Gaining an in-depth and unbiased view of how a company is perceived by the investment community is valuable in refining messaging and program activities. It also provides a benchmark against which progress is measured. LHA is highly accomplished in constructing comprehensive perception audits. Our work culminates in a report and often a presentation to management, including unfiltered observations, a summary of findings and recommendations.

  • Investment Community Feedback

    We view investment community feedback as the "quality control" of investor relations – an invaluable way to assess the effectiveness of our clients' communications and investor relations activities. Whether subsequent to specific events such as meetings and conference calls or on a less formal, ongoing basis, LHA routinely follows up with investors to assess Wall Street's perception of a company, identify disconnects between our clients' messages and investors' views, and uncover issues to address in future communications. We're equally disciplined about relaying unfiltered responses to management, with actionable recommendations that will enhance our clients’ investor relations communications going forward.

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