Crisis Communications

Managing crisis communications to protect the company and its reputation

When facing a crisis, there is no substitute for experience. LHA has supported clients through unexpected and high-stakes situations, oftentimes with little advance notice and minimal time to prepare. We have the skills to advise companies facing a crisis, and have managed situations ranging from merely troubling to truly grave.

To address crisis communications effectively, a company must be well-prepared with the best internal and external resources working together as a team. Crises may include natural and man-made disasters, unplanned management changes or illness, missed guidance, plant closures, activist shareholders, regulatory determinations, manufacturing deficiencies or product recalls, failed clinical trials, patent infringement, litigation outcomes, online slander and more.

LHA works closely with its clients, legal counsel and others to mitigate negative stakeholder reactions to events that may threaten a company’s reputation or business plans. We also recognize a crisis is likely to require immediate public communication (at times with only limited information), as well as ongoing work to provide updates and/or fully address the situation.

Although no two crises are alike, LHA has crisis communications management templates that can be customized to a client's circumstances and experienced teams in place to respond quickly when called into action.

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