Communications and Positioning

Reinforcing the investment rationale to positively influences investor sentiment

A compelling, actionable investment rationale that captures management’s vision is critical to IR program success. To get Wall Street’s attention, the thesis must differentiate a company from its peers and comparable investment ideas by showcasing a company's unique investment attributes, competitive advantages, growth opportunities and business plan. Effective messaging is at the core of what LHA delivers.

  • Optimal Investment Thesis Positioning

    We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly understand and effectively interpret the nuances of a client’s business, growth strategy and industry dynamics, enabling us to shape the story's appeal within the context of current investor sentiment. We leverage our capital markets and investor relations experience to formulate an investment proposition that optimally positions a company to its target audiences

  • Communications Platform Construction

    A cogent communications platform supports a company's investment thesis. We identify and develop key messages as well as determine appropriate metrics, benchmarks and financial and operational objectives that validate the story and attract Wall Street's attention. This platform is then reinforced in all communications to enable analysts, investors and others to buy into the company's vision and track performance.

  • Unified Messaging

    We collaborate with our clients' internal marketing teams and external resources to ensure that the company's investor relations platform is integrated with communications aimed at all audiences, including employees, customers, suppliers and partners. This is a critical step in maintaining a seamless, cohesive and credible public company identity.

  • Media Relations

    At LHA, we focus on best practices. We believe media relations can broaden awareness, gain community support, improve image, educate the public, catalyze action and support investor relations. For media relations programming, we partner with experts in online and traditional media to plan and execute timely and appropriate tactics to influence stakeholders.

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